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Old Uniform

Recently donated item to the museum - this uniform is from 1920s Walnut.

Charles H. Carstensen

Charles H. Carstensen showed such promise with the violin at the age of 12 that his parents, Peter and Anna Carstensen (of the famed Carstensen Harrow built in Walnut), decided to send him to Chicago to learn from the legendary Professor A.E. Jacobsen at the Chicago Conservatory.  In 1887, at age 14, young Charlie's correspondence with his parents makes for interesting reading.  Charlie would go on to fame as Carl Herrmann, violin virtuoso.

Earl Caddock, world champion

At the height of his popularity, Earl Caddock was a regularly covered superstar in the Des Moines Register. 


b24 liberator crashes south of walnut, 1944

Historical Society Annual Tree Festival!

Our annual tree festival was held for the first time at our Country School museum site on Highland Street recently.  Decorated trees, festive table settings, and nativity scenes were on display, as created by local area residents.  The weather was not great, but we did have 44 visitors place their votes, while getting a look at our displays and seeing the museum.  We'd like to thank Gwen Blum for her leadership in organizing this year's event, and for all of the families who took the time to enter their displays.  See the photo gallery for our displays and the winners in each category.

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Early Snow

It was September 16, 1881.  A rare early snowstorm hit the town,and a young photographer by the name of Isaac McCoy Askren had recently come to town to set up a shop.  These three photographs were taken by him, standing at the corner of Highland and Central (now Antique City Drive).

Sept 23, 1881 article in Walnut News

Sept 23, 1881 article in Walnut News

Sept 23, 1881 article in Walnut News

Sept 23, 1881 article in Walnut News


Aerial Shot!

A rare photograph has fallen into our hands recently.  This photo appears to be almost an aerial shot, but perhaps was taken from the east roof of the Exchange Bank building, looking Northeast.  We believe the house at the NW corner of Highland and Country streets still stands, owned by the Griffith family.  This photo is circa 1880, and note that there is not a tree to be found!



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Sept 23, 1881 article in Walnut News