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Walnut Creek Historical Society and Museum

Walnut, Iowa

Our main museum site occupies the former masonic lodge building in downtown Walnut on Antique City Drive, built in 1911.  We have three floors of artifacts and displays encompassing several collections which include:  military, farming, athletics, inventors, early families, and schools.  The 2nd floor was the original temple, and still includes the temple lighting system and altar.


Our second site is a country school relocated to town, and is representative of early 20th century one-room schools.  That site is located one half-block east of downtown on Highland St.


Our museum is run entirely by volunteers from  our Historical Society, and is open on weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day, or by appointment.

The Historical Society also has a Facebook page, with over 700 members who actively contribute memories, photos and conversation about Walnut and the area.  

We operate entirely from donations, and are set up as a 501(c)(3) organization.

Our Officers:

Neal Smith, President

Carole Schroder, Vice President

Linda Ploen, Secretary

Rick Blum, Treasurer

Ardythe Smith, Curator

Marvin Schroder, Director


Marvin Schroder, Tim Branan - Maintenance & Grounds

Linda Ploen, Barb Eslick, Judy Kay - Curator Aides

Membership Fees

$15 per year - couple

$7.50 per year - single

$100 - lifetime

About Us: About
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