A Baseball Town

Our collection includes many artifacts and photos related to sports, and especially baseball.  Also available is a  compilation of Walnut Bureau photos related to baseball, and a set of four videos entitled "Walnut, Iowa: A Baseball Town", which document our rich baseball and non-sports-related history from 1871 to 1955.


Our Newest Find:

Uniform from 1920!

This old baseball uniform was donated to our museum recently by Troy Suhr.  He had this in his possession for a number of years, and recently found it in a pile of old furniture pieces.  After researching, it is clear this was a uniform from Walnut's semi-pro team of the 1920s, Caddock's Colts.  The back shows the sponsor for this uniform, Motor Sales Co., which was in existence from 1920-22.  When comparing the pin-striped uniform to the 1921 Colts team picture, it is clear this was a Colts uniform!

Baseball in the 40s


A sample of our sports-related displays



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