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1931 Doll House

Emil Mueller was a painter and carpenter in early Walnut.  He and his wife Bertha immigrated to America from Hamburg, Germany in 1893.  In 1931, Emil built a dollhouse for his young granddaughter Vaunceil.

Ceil (pronounced seal) gave this precious gift to her granddaughter Ashley Lang, who has now graciously donated it to our museum.  It truly is a timeless work of art, full of intricately built furniture and appointments.  It holds a place of honor in our museum meeting room.

Emil was the person who painted the 1884 German Halle stage curtain which is on display upstairs in the museum, unquestionably our finest artifact.  

We thank the Langs for their generosity for this donation, and taking the time to put it together as it was intended, for everyone to enjoy.

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dollhouse Emil and Bertha.JPG

Emil and Bertha Mueller

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Peter Mueller, Ceil's father, married Milda Jacobsen.

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