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The Walnut Creek Store

Our museum is funded almost entirely from donations, but we do have some items of interest for sale.  We make these sales the old-fashioned way - send us an email and we'll arrange the shipping and payment terms.  Sorry - we can't afford that whole on-line purchase thing!

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The Walnut German Verein Band audiodisk ca 1905

The Walnut Bureau in Photographs

Scanned from a box of 3x5 negatives, many of these photos look as if they were taken yesterday.  Printed on 8 1/2 x 14 card stock and ring bound.  $125 for the set of three.  $140 to include the baseball book.

Vol I new cover.JPG
Vol II new cover.JPG

Previous versions of Volume I and II were 1946-1959 and 1947-1960.  These new versions are bound in year order.

Previous version of Volume I is still available, at $25.  

Walnut's History in Photographs

Our collection of old photographs documents the buildings, shops and influential people of Walnut from 1870 to the 1940s.  This ring-bound annotated compilation, 261 pages of 11x17" coffee table size, is currently in its 6th edition and is available for viewing at the museum, or may be purchased.

A Baseball Town

A bound photograph collection from the Walnut Bureau archives on 8 1/2 x 14 card stock, plus a series of videos "Walnut, Iowa - A Baseball Town" are available for sale.

Big book
WB Books
tour map capture dec 2021.JPG

Historical Site Tour Booklet

This 32-page simple-bound document is printed on 12x9 paper, and is intended as a companion to our hayrack tours.

It includes buildings no longer in existence, plus histories of most business buildings and prominent homes.

Walnut Creek Historical Society Christmas Ornaments for sale!

These bulbs were produced from 1989 to 2010, and we still have several in stock from 2003 and after (sorry, no 2005). Each of these commemorates a historical site in town.

 They sell for $5 each.

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